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  For this part,you are allowed 30 minutes towrite a letter to a foreign friend who wants to learn Chinese.Please recommend a place to him.You should write at least 120words but no more than 180words.




  Dear Bob,

  I am so happy to receive your last letter in which you showed great interest in learning Chinese.And I am writing this letter to recommend a Chinese training school to you.

  To my mind,“New Oriental School”would be the best choice for you.The detailed reasons for my recommendation can be listedas follows.For one thing,“New Oriental School”boasts professional second-language teaching and prominent Chinese teachers,who enjoy widespread popularity and proficiency all over China.For another,the superiority of this school also lies in its excellent and authentic learning atmosphere.To be specific,learners can not only gain most specialized knowledge and skills from the class,but also be provided with the practical communicating opportunities with native speakers after class on a daily basis.

  I really you can take my recommendation into serious account.If you have anyfurther question,feel free to contact with me.I am looking forward to your early reply.

  Yours sincerely,


  For this part,you are allowed 30 minutes to write a letter to a foreign friend who wants to learn Chinese.Please recommend a university to him.You should writeat least 120 words but no more than 180 words.




  Dear Jack,

  It is a great pleasure for me to hear that you have a plan to learn Chinese in China.And I am writing you this letter to recommend one of the most well-known university for your reference.

  For my part,Wuhan University would be aproper choice for you.The main factors for this recommendation can be listedas follows.Initially,as a comprehensive university,the specialized subjectsare too numerous to list,among which“Mandarin”serves as the core one.Thus,you can enjoy the substantial teaching resources there.Additionally,locatedin the central part of China,Wuhan University boasts sense of history anddense academic atmosphere.And it is even known as the most beautiful campusall over the China.More importantly,I am currently living in Wuhan,so Icould be of your assistance at any time.

  I would be happy if you can take my recommendation into account.And if you need my help or any further information,feel free to contact me.Look forward to your early arrival.

  Yours sincerely,


  For this part,you are allowed 30 minutes to write a letter to a foreign friend who wants to learn Chinese.Please recommend a city to him.You should write atleast 120 words but no more than 180 words.




  Dear Tom,

  I am more than happy to hear that you are planning to learn Chinese.As a local,I am perfectly willing to recommend you a city for your possible reference.

  From my own perspective,Wuhan would probablybe an initial and wise consideration for you.The primary factors for my recommendation are as follows.First and foremost,Wuhan,located in the central part of China,boasts authentic language learning atmosphere.To bespecific,Wuhan could give you more exposure to the genuine mandarin and Wuhan dialect environment.In addition,Wuhan is also known as the largest assemblageof prestigious universities all over the world.Thus,you could get access to both Chinese and foreign students and communicate with them in Chinese and English at ease.

  It is my sincere hope you would find my recommendation helpful to you.If you need anyfurther information,feel free to contact with me.I am looking forward to your early arrival.

  Yours sincerely,





  News report 1

  1.What problem is Britain facing?

  答案参考句:the number of male nurses is declining.

  解析:材料开头指出,现在英国医院存在的问题就是男护士(male nurses)的数量连续三年下降,达到7年最低点,接下去的列数字也是为了说明此结论。

  2.Whatis the cause of the problem according to the UK health secretary?

  答案参考句:a cultural problem,in many parts of theworld.


  News report 2

  3.Whatdoes the report say about the Libya man?

  答案参考句:A man from Libya was enjoying a walkalong the sands at southport beach.When he was about half a mile out from thedark,he felt a bit tired.So he lay down and fell asleep,but the tide sweptin quickly at the beach.



  4.What the Keith Portor say in the interview?

  答案参考句:When interviewed Keith porter of thesouthport beach said,our beach is so flat that it's very common for the tidecome around the back of people and cut them off from the beach.

  解析:Keith说,our beach is so flat that it‘s very common for the tidecome around,海滩过于平,因此潮汐很常见。

  News report 3

  5.whatdoes the news report say about raccoon,a small cat like animal?

  答案参考句:Araccoon,a small cat like animal climbed to the top of a 25-story sky scraperearly on Wednesday.It was captured after becoming an online star across theworld.


  6.What will the wild life management company do with the captured raccoon?

  答案参考句:private wildlife managementcompany will release the animal into the wild.


  7.What did one online post say?

  答案参考句:One online postsaid that the raccoon has succeeded in uniting the country the way nopolitician could.



  Section B

  Conversation 1

  8.Why does the womanfeel excited?

  答案参考句:I have really amazing news.I just got a text message from my bank,saying my salary has been deposited in my account.

  解析:对话开头,女生和男生说因为获得了第一份全职工作(full time job)感到很兴奋。

  9.When did the man gethis first full-time job?

  答案参考句:I mean,it's been two decades,but I can still remember when I gotmy first real salary


  10.What did the man dowhen he got his first pay?

  答案参考句:I bought a new suit for work and took my parents to nice restaurantto celebrate


  11.What does the womansay she will do?

  答案参考句:M:If I were you,I join the gym because it's a good way to stayhealthy,and it might help you build a stronger relationship with yourcolleagues And good relationships are key to a successful career.

  W:You're right.Thanks for the advice.I'm taking it.


  Conversation 2

  12.Why does the man seemto be distracted?

  答案参考句:I can't seem to focus on anything,because I still haven't decidedif I should accept the offer for hat phd program in London,or if I should takethe job offer in New York



  13.What does the womansay the man should do?

  答案参考句:You definitely need advice for the important decision like this.Sowho have you talked to about it?what does your family think?And your adviserfor your masters program?


  14:what does the man saypart of his problem?

  答案参考句:part of the problem.My parents want me to get the degree,but myadvisor thinks it's to get more work experience

  What do you mean by part of theproblem?Oh,wait,it's your girlfriend,isnt it?


  15.Why doesn’t the man‘sgirlfriend agree to marry now?

  答案参考句:but she thinks we need to wait until we've launched our careers.Plus,she's not sure getting married



  Passage 1

  16.What kind of ability do analytical skills refer to in the passage?

  答案参考句:Analytical skills are our ability to understand andsolve problems using information we have available.


  17.What does the passage say is an entertaining way of enhancing one'sanalytical skills?

  答案参考句:An entertaining way of enhancing your analyticalskills is to engage them by playing brain games.


  18.What else does the speaker advice people to do to improve their analyticalskills?

  答案参考句:Joining a debate or reading club or group is also a good idea.


  Passage 2

  19.What does the passage say we don't know much about?

  答案参考句:but were rather ignorant about thenature of the relationships that form between dogs.


  20.What does Dr.Mark Beckhoff say about dogs?

  答案参考句:He went on to say that if love isdefined as a long term commitment meaning dogs seek one another out whenthey’re apart,they're happy when they're reunited,they protect one another,they feed one another,they raise their children together.Then,of course,dogslove each other.


  21.What does the speaker say about most dogs?

  答案参考句:In fact,evidence shows almost dogs stay with onepartner their whole lives.In actuality,love between dogs can be even moreintimate than human relationships.

  解析:本题答案出现在转折词in fact处,证据表明几乎所有狗都会一生和一个伴侣在一起。

  Passage 3

  22.What did the boy Jude Sparks think he had discovered?

  答案参考句:when he tripped over what he thought was a cowbone.


  23.What are the researchers at New Mexico State University doing with theboy's discovery?

  答案参考句:Now,researchers at New Mexico State Universitypreserving this discovery,which was identified as an ancient elephant-likeanimal.

  解析:本题问新墨西哥州大学的研究者,如何处理男孩的发现?答案为preserving this discovery,保留此发现。

  24.What did professor Peter Houde say when interviewed by ABC News?

  答案参考句:Houde told ABC News that he was quite excited aboutthe find.It was fortunate that the family didn't try to dig up the fossilbecause that could destroy the specimen;


  25.What do the researchers plan to do?

  答案参考句:They hope to return to the site with geologists foran additional search as there could before fossils near the site.




  A South Korean city designed for thefuture takes on a life of its own

  A)Getting around a city is one thing—and then there's the matter of getting from one city to another.One vision ofthe perfect city of the future:a place that offers easy access to air travel.

  In2011,a University of North Carolina business professor named John Kasardapublished a book called Aerotropolis:TheWay We'll Live Next.Kasarda says future cities should be builtintentionally around or near airports.The idea,as he has put it,is to offerbusinesses"rapid,long-distance connectivity on a massive scale."

  B)"The 18th century really was awaterborne(水运的)century,the 19thcentury a rail century,the 20th century a highway,car,truck century—andthe 21st century will increasingly be an aviation century,as the globe becomesincreasingly connected by air,"Kasarda says.Songdo,a city built fromscratch in South Korea,is one of Kasarda's prime examples.It has existed forjust a few years."From the get-go,it was designed on the basis ofconnectivity and competitiveness,"says Kasada."The government builtthe bridge directly from the airport to the Songdo International BusinessDistrict.And the surface infrastructure was built in tandem with the newairport."

  C)Songdo is a stone's throw from SouthKorea's Incheon Airport,its main international hub(枢纽).But it takes a lot more than a nearbyairport to be a city of the future.Just building a place as an"international business district"doesn't mean it will become one.ParkYeon Soo conceived(构想)this city of the future back in1986.He considers Songdo his baby."I am a visionary,"he says.Thirtyyears after he imagined the city,Park's baby is close to 70 percent built,with 36,000 people living in the business district and 90,000 residents ingreater Songdo.It's about an hour outside Seoul,built on reclaimed tidalflats along the Yellow Sea.There's a Coast Guard building and a tall tradetower,as well as a park,golf course and university.

  D)Chances are you've actually seen thisplace.Songdo appears in the most famous music video ever to come out of SouthKorea."Gangnam Style"refers to the fashionable Gangnam district inSeoul.But some of the video was filmed in Songdo."I don't know if youremember,there was a scene in a subway station.That was not Gangnam.That wasactually Songdo,"says Jung Won Son,a professor of urban development atLondon's Bartlett School of Planning."Part of the reason to shoot thereis that it's new and nice."

  E)The city was supposed to be a hub forglobal companies,with employees from all over the world.But that's not how ithas turned out.Songdo's reputation is as a futuristic ghost town.But thereality is more complicated.A bridge with big,light-blue loops leads into thebusiness district.In the center of the main road,there's a long line of flagsof the world.On the corner,there's a Starbucks and a 7-Eleven—all of theinternational brands that you see all over the world nowadays.

  F)The city is not empty.There aremothers pushing strollers,old women with walkers—even in the middle of theday,when it's 90 degrees out.Byun Young-Jin chairs the Songdo realestate association and started selling property here when the first phase ofthe city opened in 2005.He says demand has boomed in the past couple of years.Most of his clients are Korean.In fact,the developer says,99 percent of thehomes here are sold to Koreans.Young families move here because the schoolsare great.And that's the problem:Songdo has become a popular Korean city—more popular as a residential area than a business one.It's not yet thefuturistic international business hub that planners imagined."It's agreat place to live.And it's becoming a great place to work,"says ScottSummers,the vice president of Gale International,the developer of the city.The floor-to-ceiling windows of his company's offices overlook Songdo CentralPark,with a canal full of kayaks and paddle boats.Shimmering(闪烁的)glass towers line the canal’s edge.

  G)"What's happened is,because wefocused on creating that quality of life first,which enabled the residents tolive here,what has probably missed the mark is for companies to locatehere,"he says."There needs to be strong economic incentives."Thecity is still unfinished,and it feels a bit like a theme park.It doesn't feelall that futuristic.There's a high-tech underground trash disposal system.Buildings are environmentally friendly.Everybody's television set is connectedto a system that streams personalized language or exercise classes.

  H)But Star Trek this is not.And to someof the residents,Songdo feels hollow."I'm,like,in prison for weekdays.That's what we call it in the workplace,"says a woman in her 20s.Shedoesn't want to use her name for fear of being fired from her job.She goesback to Seoul every weekend."I say I'm prison-breaking on Fridaynights."But she has to make the prison break in her own car.There's nohigh-speed train connecting Songdo to Seoul,just over 20 miles away.

  I)The man who first imagined Songdo feelsfrustrated,too.Park says he built South Korea a luxury vehicle,"likeMercedes or BMW.It's a good car now.But we're waiting for a good driver toaccelerate."But there are lots of other good cars out there,too.Theworld is dotted with futuristic,high-tech cities trying to attract the biggestinternational companies

  J)Songdo's backers contend that it'sstill early,and business space is filling up—about 70 percent of finishedoffices are now occupied.Brent Ryan,who teaches urban design at MIT,saysSongdo proves a universal principle."There have been a lot of utopian(乌托邦的)cities in history.And the reason wedon't know about a lot of them is that a lot of them have vanishedentirely."In other words,when it comes to cities—or anything else—itis hard to predict the future.

  36.Songdo’s popularity lies more in itsquality of life than its business attraction.

  37.The man who conceives Songdo feels disappointedbecause it has fallen short of his expectations.

  38.A scene in a popular South Korean musicvideo was shot in Songdo.

  39.Songdo still lacks the financialstimulus for businesses to set up shop there.

  40.Aieplanes will increasingly become thechief means of transportation,according to a professor.

  41.Songdo has ended up different from thecity it was supposed to be.

  42.Some of the people who work in Songdocomplain about boredom in the workplace.

  43.A business professor says that a futurecity should have easy access to international transportation.

  44.Acording to an urban design professor,it is difficult for city designers to foresee what happen in the future.

  45.Park Yeon So.Who envisioned Songdo,feelsa parental conmection with the city.


  36.Songdo's popularity lies more inits quality of life than its business attraction.


  解析:注意抓住题干中的关键信息popularity,quality of life和business attraction定位到F段的第四句,出现了popular,对应题干中的popularity,a residential area对应题干中的its quality of life,意思是这个城市之所以受欢迎,更多原因是因为这里是一个适合宜居的地方,而不是因为其商业发展,business one对应题干的business attraction,三处对应确定选F。

  37.The man who conceived Songdo feelsdisappointed because it has fallen short of his expectations.


  解析:注意抓住题干中的关键信息conceived和feels disappointed定位到I段第一句话,imagined替换conceived,feels frustrated对应feels disappointed,两处对应确定选I。

  38.A scene in a popular South Koreanmusic video was shot in Songdo.


  解析:注意抓住题干中的关键信息South Korean和music video,定位到D段的第二句,出现了South Korean和music video原词复现,两处对应确定选D。

  39.Songdo still lacks the financialstimulus for businesses to set up shop there.


  解析:注意抓住题干中的关键信息the financialstimulus和forbusinesses to set up shop there,定位到G段的第二句,出现economic incentives,与题干中的financial stimulus是同义替换,

  companies替换businesses,to locate here替换to set up shop there,三处对应确定选G。

  40.Airplanes will increasingly becomethe chief means of transportation,according to an urban design professor.


  解析:注意抓住题干中的关键信息Airplanes和the chief means oftransportation定位到B段的第一句话单破折号的后面andthe 21st century will increasingly be an aviation century,其意思是将来人们出行方式将以飞机为主,意思对应,故选B。

  41.Songdo has ended up different fromthe city it was supposed to be.


  解析:注意抓住题干中的关键信息different from thecity it was supposed to定位到E段第二句转折之后,Butit that’s not how it has turned out,意思是这个城市最终的样子与原来所构想的不一样,属于对原文的改写,两处对应确定选E。

  42.Some of the people who work inSongdo complain about boredom in the workplace.


  解析:注意抓住题干中的关键信息Some of the people,boredom和workplace定位到H段的第一句,出现了some of the residents和Songdo,boredom与in prison是同义替换,workplace出现在第三句中,属于原词复现,两处对应确定选H。

  43.A business professor says that a future city should haveeasy access to international transportation.


  解析:注意抓住题干中的关键信息business professor和have easy access定位到A段的第二句,出现了essay access to,继续定位到第三句,出现了原词business professor,两处对应确定选A。

  44.According to an urban designprofessor,it is difficult for city designers to foresee what happen in the future.


  解析:注意抓住题干中的关键信息urban designprofessor,difficult和city designers to foresee定位到J段第二句,出现了urban design,其次定位到最后一句,出现了hard to predict,是题干中city designers toforesee的同义替换,两处对应确定选J。

  45.Park Yeon Soo,who envisioned Songdo,feels a parentalconnection with the city.


  解析:注意抓住题干中的关键信息Park Yeon Soo和envisioned,定位到C段的第三句中,Park Yeon Soo,与题干重复,conceived与envisioned是同义替换,两处对应确定选C。


  原文Section A

  Finally,some good news about airplanetraverl.If you are on a plane with a sick passenger,you are unlikely to getsick.That is the 26 of a new study that looked at how respiratory(呼吸道)viruses 27 on airplanes.Researchersfound that only people who were seated in individual–had a high risk ofcatching the illness.All other passengers had only a very 28 chance of gettingsick,according to the findings.Media reports have not necessarily presented29 information about the risk of getting infected on an airplane in the past.Therefore,these new findings should help airplane passengers to feel less 30to catching respiratory infections while traveling by air.

  Prior to the new study,litter wasknown about the risks of getting 31 infected by common respiratory viruses,such as the flu or common cold,on an airplane,the researchers said.So,to32 the risks of infection,the studyteam flew on 10 different 33 in the U.S.34 side of a person infected with flu,as well as those sitting one roe in front of or behind this individual,hadabout an 80 person chance of getting sick.But other passengers were 35 safefrom infection.They had a less than 3 percent chance of catching the flu.



  26.B 27.L 28.K 29.A 30.O 31.C 32.E 33.G 34.D 35.H



  语法判断:空格所在处the 26 of a new study,前面的定冠词the只能填名词与后面构成A of B的名词结构短语。



  语法判断:空格所在的句子how respiratory viruses 27 on airplanes只缺谓语动词,且根据主句是一般现在时及主语是复数,动词只能选原形,所以在E评估,J回应,L传播中选。



  语法判断:根据空所在的句子...had only a very 28 chance of getting sick,very后面只能加形容词且修饰名词chance的也只能是形容词,所以只能选形容词,在A精确的,K渺茫的,O脆弱的、易受影响的三个选项中选择。



  语法判断:根据空格所在位置presented 29 information只能填形容词来修饰名词information,所以在A精确的,O脆弱的、易受影响中选择。



  语法判断:空格所在处to feel less 30 to catching respiratory infections前面有feel这个词,意思是感觉到怎么样,后面只能填一个形容词做表语,形容词只有O待选。



  语法判断:空格所在the risks of getting 31 infected by common respiratoryviruses,getting infected by已经形成搭配,那么空格处的词性有后面一个词来决定,只能填入副词,所以在C直接地,H主要地,大部分,N生动地三个选项中选择。

  语义判断:litterwas known about the risks of getting 31 infected by common respiratory viruses,such as the flu or common cold,on an airplane,很少有人知道存在这样一种风险,即:受到一些普遍存在的呼吸病毒的31影响,首先排除N选项,带入C选项,受到其直接影响,语义通顺,即选C。


  语法判断:空格所在处So,to 32 the risksof infection,这里to+空格构成动词不定式,表目的,只能填动词原形,在选项E评估和J回应中选择。



  语法判断:空格所在处the study team flew on 10 different 33 in the U.S,空格前面是形容词different只能修饰名词,且有数词10,那么空格处只能填写名词的复数,所以只能再F探索和G航班中选择。



  语法判断:空格所在处34 sideof a person...,只能填形容词来修饰名词side,所以在D(量这个之中)任何一个的,二者选一的,I附近的之间选择。

  语义判断:34 side ofa person infected with flu,as well as those sitting one roe in front of orbehind this individual,as well as并列了前后两个部分,后面部分的意思是坐在某个人的前面或者后面的哪些人,那么前面有“side”,是边后者面的意思,我们能带入D选项,表示在某个人的左边或者是右边。


  语法判断:空格所在处But other passengers were 35 safe from infection,真个句子是不缺成分的,空格处能能填副词来修饰safe(安全的)这个形容词,所以在H和N之间选择。











  The concept of family in China is related to its culturaltraditions.A large and harmonious family used to be quite enviable.In the past,four generations under the same roof were not uncommon.Because of this tradition,many young people continued to live with their parents after getting married.Nowadays,this tradition is changing.With the improvement of housing conditions,more and more young couples choose to live apart from their parents.But the connection between them remains close.Many elderly peoplestill help to look after their grandchildren.Young couples also spare time tovisit their parents,especially during important festivals such as the SpringFestival and the Mid-Autumn Festival.



  The concept of family in China isrelated to its cultural traditions.

  本句考察“与...有关”,可先译出主干“be related to...”,主语“家庭观念”需要使用“concept of family”。


  本句为主系表句型,“曾”表现为一般过去时可使用“used to”,“令人羡慕”使用形容词“enviable”。


  In thepast,four generations under the same roof were not uncommon.



  Becauseof this tradition,many young people continued to live with their parents aftergetting married.

  本句为主谓宾句型,注意宾语为非谓语动词,时态与上文保持一致,“由于”是原因状语可使用“because of”,“婚后”是时间状语语序后置。


  Nowadays,this tradition is changing.



  With the improvement of housingconditions,more and more young couples choose to live apart from theirparents.

  本句为主谓宾句型,注意宾语为非谓语动词,“随着”是伴随状语,使用介词“with”,“住房条件”译为“housing conditions”,上文中“同住”是“live with”,此处“分开住”译为“liveapart from”即可。


  But the connection between them remainsclose.



  Many elderly people still help to lookafter their grandchildren.



  Young couples also spare time to visittheir parents,especially during important festivals such as the SpringFestival and the Mid-Autumn Festival.

  本句为主谓宾结构,“特别”即“especially”,“等”即为举例“such as”,注意两个常见中国节日的表达。



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